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Bürkert is the biggest manufacturer of valves, valve actuators, flowmeters, dosing units, analytical sensors and other equipment for measuring and regulation of different flows.

About us

Bürkert is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for measuring, control and regulating of liquids and gases. Solenoid, regulating, analytical, pneumatic and other valves; flow, pressure, temperature, level, pH, conductivity sensors, flowmeters, mass flow controllers for gases etc. have various applications such as fermentation, mixing and batching, distillation, regulation of microflows, as well as bioreaсtors, production and distribution of pure steam and water, filtration, chromatography, CIP-washing, and many others. Thanks to this wide range of applications Bürkert equipment is used in various industries, including water treatment, pharmaceuticals, chemical and petrochemical industry, medicine, laboratory research, food processing, biotechnology, etc. All devices comply with the highest standards of quality, sterility, measurement accuracy, safety and reliability.

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
Christian-Bürkert-Str. 13 – 17
74653 Ingelfingen

Phone: +49 7940 100
Internet: www.burkert.com.ru

Representative office of Burkert Austria GmbH
Leninskiy Prospekt 113/1, Office E-715
117198 Moscow

Phone: +7 495 5106180
Internet: www.burkert.com.ru
Burkert Austria GmbH
Kalterer Gasse 1a
2340 Mödling

Phone: +43 2236 893000

Products and Services

Bürkert offers a wide range of products for various industries:

  • electromagnetic, pneumatic, proportional, diaphragm valves; 
  • Bürkert sensors and controllers are reliable, high-tech and efficient devices for regulating flow, measuring conductivity, level, pH, pressure, temperature;
  • Bürkert microvalves and micropumps are compact and high-precision devices that are successfully used to regulate microflows as part of medical, laboratory equipment, in bottling, mixing, batching systems, etc .;

All materials are fully traceable and comply with the legal and industrial requirements for different industries.

Bürkert products have all the necessary certificates and approvals, including FDA, EHEDG, 3A.

Type 8619 - Multifunction Transmitter / Controller

• Direct connection of most flow, pH / ORP, chlorine and conductivity sensors
• Simple intuitive user interface
• Modular hardware and software
• Large graphic display with adjustable backlight
• Wall mounting or panel mounting
• Wide range of applications
• Supports Modbus TCP protocol and PROFINET or EtherNet / IP.
• Extendable basic version (up to 6 modules)

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8202, 8222, 8228 - the analytical meters for measuring pH, ORP or conductivity

• Suitable for applications which require an analogue output (4-20 mA)
• Changing the measurement method pH or ORP by pressing a key
• LED as status indicator for calibration operations and device status related to alarms and warnings
• Calibration for pH and ORP
• One-point or two-point calibration

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8030, 8045, 8055 - Full range of flow measuring devices – paddle wheel, insertion and full bore flow meters.

• For continuous flow measurement in several industries.
• Ideal for use in neutral as well as aggressive fluids
• Flow measurement for DN 06 - DN 400
• Some versions are suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications.

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