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We are a German manufacturer company providing industrial wastewater treatment solutions and municipal wastewater treatment systems in mobile containers and modules.

About us

We are a German company providing industrial wastewater treatment solutions and municipal wastewater treatment systems in mobile containers and modules, based in Bavaria, Germany. We offer sewage treatment plants, non electric wastewater treatment plants, wastewater treatment equipment kits, dissolved air flotation, electrical advanced oxidation process modules and specialist FBR biological treatment for industry. All manufactured by ClearFox® / PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH and distributed by partners worldwide. Products we provide are all develop and made in Germany, with our engineers and with our partners, guaranteeing the best quality products for your needs. Our service employees do an installation and control the wastewater process during the whole usage of our treatment installations. We deliver our products all over the world, also have local partners almost in all regions. That is why our products have a short time delivery. We also provide compact sewage treatment plants for rent.

PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH
Carl-Kolb-Str. 6
95448 Bayreuth

Phone: +49 921 1506399-0
Fax: +49 921 1506399-9
Internet: www.clearfox.com

Products and Services

• ClearFox® Containerized Systems
• ClearFox® DAF
• ClearFox® FBBR
• ClearFox® Clarifier
• ClearFox® DiOx EO Modules
• ClearFox® Domestic Systems
• ClearFox® SBR Kits
• ClearFox® Sludge Treatment

• Industrial Wastewater Treatment
• Mobile Wastewater Treatment
• Municipal Wastewater Treatment
• Leasing Wastewater Equipment

ClearFox® DAF

The ClearFox® DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) is a modular unit, designed for highly efficient treatment of any type of industrial wastewater. With advanced technology, we can achieve higher removal rates of pollutants than competitor products. Capacities range from 1m3/hr to 250m3/hr. Containerised DAF solutions are modular and can be installed as standalone solutions or as pretreatment in a wastewater plant with other process steps.

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ClearFox® SBR Kits

For industrial wastewater treatment, it can be used to biologically clean pretreated wastewater or can be used as a standalone system. For small communities and municipal wastewater treatment the SBR process is also an excellent solution for low-cost wastewater treatment. For small scale domestic applications, it can be utilized for new buildings or for the upgrade of existing wastewater treatment plants. Available for projects between 4 and 10,000 persons.

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ClearFox® Containerized Systems

A containerized mobile wastewater treatment plant is a packaged wastewater treatment system where all wastewater treatment equipment is completely preinstalled in ISO shipping containers. We are market leaders in the manufacture of containerised, modular solutions with projects completed all over the world and across many different sectors. The modular containerized system can be easily transported either by land or sea.

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